January 29, 2015

The Silver Hill Lions Club has become famous for its Demolition Derby .  For over thirty years the Silver Hill Lions Club has raised substantial funds for charity through its production of the Demolition Derby .  The SHLC Derby has gained popularity among all ages in the area and  has gained a faithful following throughout the years.  While many local charities benefit from the resources the Derby provides, it has also become steeped in tradition providing an opportunity for many communities and families to meet and share in the enjoyment and entertainment each year.  We look for to seeing you in the Summer and/or Fall of this year!!!  All proceeds go to local charities and we THANK YOU!   

AND ...  Add a little more excitement to the upcoming NFL football season by purchasing the Silver Hill Lions Club's Raffle tickets .  While cheering for your favorite team, you can also cheer for five other teams to earn cash prizes.  Each week your teams will change.  For a small donation you will have many chances to WIN!  For details, go to our NFL Raffle and GOOD LUCK!  All proceeds go to charity.